Deliverables List

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Wp Number Lead Beneficiary NumberEstimated Indicative Person Month Nature Dissemination Level Deliverable Date
D1.1Quality Plan 1 10,1RPU1
D8.3Project Leaflet 811OPU7
D8.2First Dissemination Plan 810,5RPU7
D8.1Project Website 811OPU7
D2.1Compression Kernels 2418RPU12
D5.1Equilibrium concepts for pattern recognition 51 14R PU 12
D3.1Study on (non)geometricity 3310RPU12
D3.2Characterization of invariances 3613RPU12
D1.2First Periodic Report 110,5RPU13
D2.2Generative Kernels 2522RPU18
D8.4First open scientific event 811OPU18
D4.1Spectral and geometric embeddings 4230RPU18
D3.3Database of non-(geo)metric data 334OPU18
D3.4Final Work package report 330,5RPU18
D8.5Second dissemination plan 810,5RPU22
D2.3Learning similarities from examples 249RPU24
D2.4Final work package report 240,5RPU24
D4.2Structure preserving embeddings 4612RPU24
D7.1Mid-term report 7525RPU24
D6.1Mid-term report 6623RPU24
D1.3Second periodic report 110,5RPU25
D4.3Graph regularizations 4218RPU30
D4.4Final work package report 420,5RPU30
D5.3Final work package report 510,5RPU30
D5.2Generalizations of game-theoretic notions 5129RPU30
D7.2Final work package report 7525RPU35
D6.2Final work package report 6623RPU35
D1.4Final periodic report 110,5RPU36
D1.5Awareness and wider societal implications 110,5RPU36
D1.6Final project report 111RPU36
D8.6Second open scientific event 811OPU36
D8.7Final plan for the use and dissemination of foreground 810,5RPU36