Snijderzaal (room LB 01.010)
Faculty Electr. Eng., Math. and Comp. Sc.
(EEMCS, in Dutch EWI)
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft

Time: 9:00 - 18:00

Diner 19:30 (in the inner city)

Secr. Saskia Peters
+31 15 2786052

R.P.W. Duin
+31 15 2786143

Delft has a charming historical centre with many 17th century buildings. Most hotels are here. Rooms are often small. Avoid the Grand Canal Hotel. The meeting room is on 20-30 minutes walking distance. The public transport system as well as the university roads are under reconstruction, so walking and cycling are the main options, unless you have ordered a taxiin time.

Delft is about 50 km from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol). Trains run about 4 times an hour. If you have a train to Den Haag CS, change in Leiden, otherwise in Den Haag HS. Do not take trains in the direction of Amsterdam. The Delft railway station is on a few minutes walking distance from the inner city. Taxis from the airport are convenient, but expensive: 120-150 Euro.

Rotterdam airport is nearby (10 km) but only reachable by taxi.

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Here is the preliminary meeting agenda: Agenda